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Madagascar Escape 2 Africa in urdu

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On the flight back to their beloved zoo in New York City, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippopotamus and Melman the giraffe are delighted to hear that the plane is about to land – until they realize it is crash landing in the middle of the African Savannah.
Things seem brighter when Alex is reunited with his family and realizes his father Zuba is the Alpha Lion. Marty enjoys being with other zebras, Gloria catches the eye of the handsome Moto Moto and Melman uses his vast knowledge of Western medicine to treat sick animals, becoming a witch doctor. Africa is the perfect home for the four friends – or is it?
“The King of New York”, Alex, sorely disappoints his father when his lack of fighting skills gets his family banished from the pride. Marty quickly begins to miss his individuality. Gloria realizes Moto Moto only likes her for her looks. And Melman, jealous of his secret love Gloria’s new boyfriend, is also struggling with the knowledge that he has a terminal illness.
When the watering hole dries up and the selfish new Alpha Lion Makunga isn't very concerned for his subjects, Alex decides to look for the root of the problem, while Melman courageously volunteers to try King Julian’s ridiculous plan to bring the water back. The two friends set off a series of events that ultimately result in a happy ending for them all.

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