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Avatar-the legend of aang in urdu

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The story revolves around the characters going their separate ways: Zuko returns to the Fire Nation with Mai, however the former War Minister Qin has convinced the generals that served in the Earth Kingdom to rebel, saying that in Zuko's Fire Nation the power that they have gained over the last hundred years will be gone and that most of them will be put in prison for war crimes. They hope to return Ozai to the throne. While the Imperial Firebenders and the Domestic Forces remain loyal to Zuko, the massive invasion force that was stationed in the Earth Kingdom has sided with Qin. Toph goes around the Earth Kingdom by herself to solidify her position as the greatest Earthbender of all time, but when she discovers that the Dai Li agents are planning a rebellion, she decides to go after them single-handedly; Sokka and Suki travel the Earth Kingdom to help rebuild where they can (but not before they go searching for his "Space Sword" with Toph); Aang and Katara at first decide to stay in Ba Sing Se to help the Earth King, but soon hear of mysterious "Screaming Banshee" spirits that attack any one who ventures into the mountains south of the Northern Air Temple. Because he is the Avatar, Aang decides to check out the mountains. Katara stays behind and helps to start a new police force to clean up the Lower Ring with the help of General Fin, a powerful earthbending (retired) general who led the defence of Ba Sing Se during the 600 day siege by Iroh. She also discovers that the Dai Li are being led by Long Feng to assassinate the Earth King. During his journey in the north Aang discovers about how his people were killed and that he might not be as alone as he thought.

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