Shrek 2 in urdu

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After returning from their tropical honeymoon, Shrek and Fiona are greeted with an invitation to Fiona's hometown of Far Far Away, which her parents rule over. The King and Queen don't except their daughters marriage, because she married an ogre, and turned into one herself. The fairy godmother and Fiona's father the King; plan a trick to get Fiona to fall for the Prince Charming. Shrek stole a "happy" potion from the fairy godmother thinking it would make Fiona happy but instead it changed their appearances from ugly green ogres, to beautiful people.
Now Princess Fiona mistakes the handsome Prince Charming as Shrek, while Shrek is locked away. This is part of the king and fairy godmothers nasty trick. The beautiful princess Fiona is not happy, and for Shrek to get her back he needs to act quickly, before Prince Charming kisses her and she forgets everything.
With the help from Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man, Puss, and the donkey, Shrek makes his way through the castle to prove to Princess Fiona that Prince Charming is not him. Fiona realizes she didn't fall in love with the Prince, and Shrek is her real prince charming. Once the clock strikes twelve Shrek and Fiona turn back into green ogres and live happily ever after.

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